Offer a third option

Anthropologie is brilliant. For lots of reasons.

Today they are brilliant because I was about to unsubscribe from their e-mail marketing (just trying to minimize the amount of mail I receive) and they gave me a third option.
I could 1) continue to subscribe 2) unsubscribe or 3) receive fewer e-mails.


I was prepared to opt-out, but the third option actually meets my needs better. I want to receive e-mails from Anthropologie, just not quite so many.

Now, I’m certain it is more work to segment the database according to which recipients want frequent e-mails and which want fewer e-mails. But if you are using a pay-per-send service, it will save you money. And ultimately it will retain customers.

The best ideas are the simple ones.

Anthropologie spoons

The best ideas are the simple ones

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