The enemy of the great is the meh

A meal at Oak Street Cafe will not be cheapest in Roswell (that honor probably belongs to Rhea’s) nor the most expensive (Pastis? Rice? I’m not sure).
But it might be the best meal in Roswell.

Oak Street Cafe, Roswell GA
I believe in eating at independent restaurants over chains or franchises.
I’ve been eating at Oak Street for about four years now.

Oak Street Cafe is owned by Joe and Kim. I’ve never had a bad meal, which is good recommendation, right? But I’ve never had a mediocre meal at Oak Street Cafe, either. Which is why I keep going back.

The menu is small, which I prefer to having a gazillion choices to sort through. And the menu evolves over time, as Joe tries new dishes.The atmosphere is calming, and not snooty. The service is consistently good.

Every time I walk out of there I feel satisfied and pleasantly full. I never feel like I paid too much – quality food is worth the price, because it’s good for body and soul.

This is why Oak Street Cafe is great, I think: They keep it simple and focus on quality food and a quality experience.

Kim and Joe do very little marketing. They have a website. They tweet the daily specials. It’s all word of mouth that grows their business…and the word is good.

The simplest marketing strategy of all: have a consistently great product.

P.S. Sometimes Joe’s aunt will bake a cake, and they’ll sell it by the slice at the counter. Buy a slice. Trust me.

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